How to Help Keep Your Dogs Teeth Clean

Dental health is not only important to humans, it’s also important for dogs. Just like humans, dogs can suffer from a variety of dental issues that can end up being quite serious if left untreated. The best way to prevent these issues from happening is to try to keep your dog’s teeth as clean as you possibly can. There are a variety of ways you can go about this, as we will take a look.


Why Dental Health is Important

Dogs benefit from good dental health in a variety of ways. By keeping their teeth and gums healthy they are less likely to lose teeth in a painful way, suffer from disease that can go on to attack their organs, they will be able to eat their food without pain, and you won’t need to worry about cavities and expensive dental visits.

Regular Veterinarian Visits

By scheduling regular vet visits you’ll be able to have them look at your dog’s teeth and let you know where problem areas may be forming. Catching problems before they become big will not only be better for your dog’s health, but it also poses less risk to them, and is usually much cheaper to deal with.

Teeth Brushing

While it may sound silly at first, brushing your dog’s teeth is actually pretty simple, quick, and very effective as far as keeping them healthy. You can purchase specially made dog toothpaste and a toothbrush and then clean their teeth daily if possible.

If you don’t want to purchase the pre-made products, you can always make your own teeth cleaning solution with 2oz of Aloe Vera juice and 2oz of hydrogen peroxide (3%). Just use a cotton swab to gently wipe your dog’s teeth with it in a brushing motion. If you are trying to combat bad breath you can add one tablespoon of baking soda to it. Even if you don’t have time to do this daily, a few times a week will help.

Feed Them Dry Food

Did you know that the food you choose to give them also helps to keep their teeth clean? Wet food is known to cling and stick to the teeth and then if it isn’t brushed away it will eventually lead to tooth decay. Dry food doesn’t stick to the teeth and actually helps with plague and tartar build-up.

Chews and Bones

What may be seen as a special treat to your dog is actually another weapon you can use when it comes to keeping their teeth healthy. Look for specially made dog chews that require plenty of chewing but aren’t so tough that they end up breaking your dog’s teeth. These kinds of dog chews will make your dog’s teeth and gums much healthier and stronger.

Keep their Health in Mind

It seems like a simple thing, cleaning your dog’s teeth, but it’s amazing just how much of an impact dental health has on your dog’s overall well-being. By taking these steps you’ll be helping to keep them healthy and pain free.

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An Important Note to Choose Pet Insurance

When you want to choose some insurance companies that suit with your preference, you can search some veterinarian’s review for Pet Insurance. They will give you with some opinions or guidance to choose the best Pet Insurance Companies. Of course, there will be a moment when some opinions confuse you and you will have a certain thought like this veterinarian’s review of Pet Insurance Companies does matter’ or ‘that veterinarian’s opinion fit me the most’. Therefore, the article will expand your view about the Pet Insurance Companies through the perspective of veterinarians around internet.

The first information about veterinarian’s review and Pet Insurance Companies is enclosed by a blog on internet named caninejournal. In there, there is some information about the best Pet Insurance Companies in 2016 and there are also some reviews about some Pet Insurance Companies. Among the companies, there are three insurance companies that fit the expectations of many people and it has granted as the best three in Pet Insurance Companies. All the three companies are believed to give the best service among the clients and they can maintain the good health of the pets of the clients. So, it is the best that you can pick these three companies to be the ones that can be your partner in keeping your pets healthy. Well, the blog is apparently supported by some reviews from veterinarian. Linear to this fact, the idea of this certainly help the people who have no thoughts about having pet insurance for their pets. Well, to know veterinarian’s opinion about certain pet insurance companies can be advantageous step for pet’s owner since the veterinarian is the one who know best treatment for animals. Regarding to this, veterinarian usually also provide you with some advices about the pet insurance and how to maintain the health of the pets by yourself. That is a good thing, isn’t it?

Furthermore, the idea of ‘this review can also be found in another website named Pet Insurance U. The website is full of the opinions that come from the experts in veterinary. They also give some explanations about why pet insurance can be an important thing for the pets because you can invest their lives through the insurance. You can also the pets happier because the insurance also come up with some plans that can keep your pets healthy. You can build a strong relationship with your pets since they grow and old with you longer than you have ever imagined. You can make many stories with your pets and you can share your stories about your pets with your kids. Well, your kids can learn how to love a pet from you.

The expert’s value about the pet insurance companies will assist you to care more about your pets. Caring more can be started by having insurance for your pets, so that they can be happy and healthy for a long time with you.

How to Keep Your Pets Safe this Christmas

With Christmas just around the corner, you probably can’t wait to put your feet up and enjoy some snuggle time with your pets. Pets don’t pay much attention to Christmas, but they do like having us around more. However, there are a great many dangers to watch out for, so keep your best friend safe this Christmas with our handy guide.


The Dangers of Chocolate

Chocolate tastes lovely, but it’s lethal to pets. Scoffing one chocolate button might not cause too much damage, but if your pet eats a large bar of chocolate or gobbles down a box of chocolate liqueurs, you need to get him to the vet immediately. Chocolate contains Theobromine. This is lethal to dogs, cats and other pets, so keep sweet treats locked up and don’t put chocolate decorations on the tree.

Toxic Decorations

Be careful about what you put on the tree. Dogs in particular are prone to chewing, so a sparkling Christmas bauble hanging from a low branch is likely to be seen as fair game to a bored dog. Glass baubles will splinter and cause all kinds of damage and smaller baubles could cause an intestinal blockage. Tinsel is popular with cats and many felines love to eat it, so keep it out of reach of avoid it altogether.

Electrical Cable

Christmas is a time when we hang lights everywhere. This means cables are left trailing all over the floor and well within reach of a curious pet. Since cats, dogs, rabbits and other small pets like to chew wire they may be electrocuted. To avoid any nasty shocks on Christmas morning, connect all lights to a circuit breaker.

Real or Fake Tree Trouble

Real fir trees shed pine needles. These can get stuck in lips, sensitive noses, paws and cause intestinal issues. Try and sweep up fallen pine needles as often as possible. Pinesap is also poisonous, so don’t let your pet chew on a pine tree. Fake Christmas trees are not much better, as plastic pine needles can cause a gut blockage if eaten in large quantities.

Poisonous Plants

Decorative Christmas plants make beautiful table centerpieces, but some of them are highly toxic. Poinsettia is a classic example of a Christmas plant that can kill, but be very careful if you bring mistletoe, holly and amaryllis into the house over the festive holidays. If you do decide to hang a decorative wreath at least position it well out of reach of curious pets. For more information about toxic plants, visit

Turkey Bones

Pets love leftovers, but giving your special pal a turkey bone is a bad idea. Once cooked, turkey and chicken bones become brittle and can splinter when chewed. This will lead to intestinal problems and a hefty vet bill for the New Year.

Christmas is often a time when the house is full of guests. This can be difficult for sensitive animals to deal with, so provide a safe place where your pets can go if they prefer being out of the way.

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Dogs And Their Impact On Humans

Image result for dogs -pixabay.comDogs are many people’s constant companions. They show us love and loyalty, although their role in our lives has changed over time. Were you aware, however, that dogs can help us to live happier and healthier lives? Many current dog owners have already experienced the benefits themselves. But, if you have not had a chance to experience everything a dog can bring to your life, it is time to broaden your horizons. If you know someone with a pet, ask if you can borrow the dog for an afternoon or a weekend to familiarise yourself with everything a pet has to offer.

1. Dogs help you to feel less alone.

Dogs rely on you to take care of them. They love you. They always want to be with you. Even though they can’t answer back, many owners enjoy talking to their dogs and sharing their feelings. When you have a dog, there is always some type of activity going on in your home, so you never feel alone. If you decide to welcome a pet into your family, make sure you have the time to dedicate to the pet. You do not want them to sit at home for hours at a time by themselves

2. Dogs provide health benefits for owners.

A dog needs several things to survive, including time for exercise and play each day. As an owner, it is your responsibility to make sure that your pet gets what he needs. As a result, you become more active, burning extra calories and feeling better in the long run. In addition, just the simple act of petting your dog can make you feel happier. Doing so increases the amount of serotonin in your body, which causes your blood pressure and your stress levels to go down. In addition, studies show that people that own dogs are less likely to be diagnosed with depression.

3. Dogs provide help, particularly for those that are old or sick.

Image result for dogs -pixabay.comDogs can be trained to assist those that need it. For example, if someone can’t get around that well, an assistance dog can make their quality of life much better. These dogs can perform physical tasks for their owners, and they are also able to go to hospitals and care homes to visit with patients and residents. It is not hard to form a lasting and intense bond with a dog.

4. Dogs accept us the way we are.

A dog will love you no matter what. He will not look down on you because you are wearing your pyjamas at 3:00 in the afternoon. He doesn’t care how successful you are at work. His love is true, and he will always be your friend, no matter what happens.

5. Dogs help us to communicate more with others.

Image result for dogs -pixabay.comDog owners are used to interacting with different people. Men, women and children all tend to love dogs. Therefore, if you are out walking your pet, you can expect others to smile at and talk to you. As a result, you become more sociable when you have a dog. This is particularly useful for those that have trouble talking to others in their daily life.

6. Dogs give us something to love.

People are generally nurturers at heart. If you don’t have children, or if your children have left the house, a dog can be a great way to express your love to another creature.

7. Dogs make you feel joyful.

When you have a dog, you smile and laugh a lot more. This generally means that you feel more joyful overall. Even if you wake up and you don’t feel great, there is nothing like seeing your dog’s happy face to also make you feel happy as well. This is a huge benefit for dog owners; after all, everyone could use an extra dose of happiness, regardless of who they are or what they do.

Image result for dogs -pixabay.comThere are a number of reasons why owning a dog is beneficial, including the fact that they make us feel better and help us to get healthier. If you decide to bring a dog into your family, make sure you give them a great home with all of the love that they need. So why don’t you treat your beloved pooch to a Dog Groomer or a nice walk once in a while!


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Veterinary School Admission 101

What do you want to be when you grow up? It’s that infamous question introduced in the early years of grade school that only grows more complicated and more confusing as the time passes. Yet back when you were young, before the realization that choosing a career meant years of education, money, time, and training, this question usually received excited honest answers like “a doctor” or “a teacher”.

One of the most common replies to that question heard on the playgrounds and parks of elementary schools worldwide is “a veterinarian”. A job that involves a lot of smarts, a lot of skills, and a lot of studying, becoming a vet is a far cry from cuddling with kittens all day like you might have imagined as a kid. Yet it’s a career choice that’s both emotionally and financially rewarding.

It all starts with the right education. Before you can even begin your training to become a veterinary professional, you have to first find and be accepted into an accredited education program.

If you’re interested in becoming a vet, here’s a basic introduction to veterinary school admissions.


All the positives and perks associated with a career in animal medicine make competition for acceptance into the best schools quite fierce. Your grades, therefore, play a big role in your chances for admission. The higher the marks, the more appealing you appear to the enrollment offices. However, a perfect 4.0 isn’t a non-negotiable. What’s more important is your entire personal package. A well-rounded candidate is more likely to be admitted than one that only offers an A+ report card.

Letters of Recommendation

Good letters of recommendation reiterate the information on your academic and experiential resume. Great recommendations provide in-depth insight into who you really are. Obtain letters of recommendation from the people who know you best, and if possible, aim to include more than just your professors but also vets you may have worked with or professionals in the field.

Personal Skills

To be an excellent vet, it takes an individual with strong leadership qualities and great communication skills. A professional career practicing animal medicine means you’ll be constantly interacting with patients and providing direction for staff members. Any extra-curricular so r coursework that caters to these qualities enhances your application, from speech classes to student government responsibilities.


While every school is different and hence their requirements likewise vary, it’s important to fulfill any and all prerequisites prior to applying. In addition, opt for any other courses that cater to a vet career, from nutrition to biology to zoology and beyond.


Any relevant experience is good experience, and the more the better. Volunteering or interning at a vet’s office, membership with groups like F-4 or FFA, or literally anything remotely relevant to the animal care industry boosts your applicant appeal. In addition, it helps to have a wide variety of experience.

So as you earn your undergraduate degree at USC Online, Suffolk University, or any other school in between, use this brief guide to help your veterinary school application be the best it can be come graduation.

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College Scholarship Options for Animal Lovers

If you’re considering sending your veterinary school application out to a few colleges, you want to make sure that you know how you are going to pay for it. There are all kinds of scholarships out there, but they are almost all very specific to the school and the specific animal cause that you are most passionate about. So if are thinking about applying to Emerson College, you want to see what kinds of scholarship programs they offer. If you have been working or volunteering for some kind of animal conservation society, then you’re definitely not going to find a scholarship with WSU’s MBA Online, so you may as well see what some of the top veterinary schools are offering. Here are some college scholarship options for animal lovers.

The Michigan Horse Council Endowment

This scholarship is available to undergraduate students enrolled at Michigan State University who are studying animal science. In order to be eligible for this scholarship you will need to prove that you have dedicated a large portion of your life to horses and are committed to doing so for the long-term. The size of this scholarship varies depending upon your financial need and your academic performance. If you do happen to win this scholarship, it will definitely look great on your veterinary school application in the future.

Emerald Dog Obedience Club Scholarship

This scholarship is only available to graduate students at Oregon State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine. You could potentially receive this scholarship during the first 3 years of your tenure and the amount of the award varies. In order to qualify for the award, you will need to be active in dog obedience, tracking or agility. Any kind of work that you have done in the realm of dog training or dog shows is definitely helpful.

Animal Sciences ScholarshipUniversity of Idaho

This is another scholarship program that is available to undergraduate students. You will need to be majoring in animal or veterinary science, and there are no particular animal species that you will need to specialize in. For this scholarship you will just need to demonstrate a high level of integrity, moral character, leadership and participation in extracurricular activities. It’s a very general scholarship for all types of over achievers who are studying animal science.

Cats, Plain and Fancy Scholarship

If you are a cat lover and would love to study at Tufts University, Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine, then this scholarship might be right up your alley. Not only is this scholarship available to both undergraduate and graduate students, but the requirements are not extremely specific. You simply need to have a passion and a commitment to advancing the world of feline medicine.

Angel Dogs Scholarship

Last but certainly not least is a scholarship opportunity for the dog lovers out there who do not specialize in dog obedience or tracking. This scholarship is available to graduate students in their fourth year at the University of Florida, College of Veterinary Medicine who demonstrate both financial need and a particular sensitivity to canines.

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Should There Be Laws About Driving With Pets?

Chances are if you are taking a medium to long road trip, then you will witness one or more vehicles driving alongside you with a dog’s head hanging out of the windows, seemingly enjoying the wind and the sunshine on their face. Many pets are always there for their owners, even when the people close to them seem to be AWOL. A cat never fails to sleep at the foot of his master’s bed, even if he was scolded the night before. Your friend’s hamster always seems happy to see you, even when your kids do not. The comfort one receives from taking care of a pets is priceless, but does that mean they should be allowed in a moving vehicle? Let’s check out the personal pros and cons:


The Positive Side: Calmer People, Happier Pets

Having a pet makes people (on the whole) calmer and happier. Pets give you purpose, and they provide you with unconditional love. Just the simple act of putting your hand on a furry friend can start to lower blood pressure. So then, why not have that same sense of well-being on the road? Dogs love going for a ride in the car, and they are much better off going with you than staying at home where they might get into trouble. They’re also better off being free rather than cooped up in a cage. Allowing pets in the car can make you more likely to get outside and go to the park where you can be social and be a part of a community. There’s also the small fact that dogs have been driving in cars since practically the start of cars, and there’s no activist groups against them. No one preaches about how having Fido off the road will save lives because there isn’t evidence out there to support that he’s as dangerous as, say, drunk driving or texting while on the road.

The Negative Side: Too Many Unknowns

Not every pet is the same, and some of them can get out of control. It’s not fair to other drivers to subject them to a potential catastrophe, and it’s not fair to the owners or pets to pretend that this offense doesn’t have disastrous consequences at times. A panicked dog can scratch the owner up, or step on the button to roll the window down and then jump out. A terrified cat can work its way down to the driver’s feet, and potentially get some part of their body lodged underneath the brake or gas pedal. A crazed dog might upset other dogs in cars, making it potentially hazardous for the drivers. There are a lot of things that can go wrong on the road even when there are no pets involved. It wouldn’t hurt to more riding-with-pet regulations, such as making it the law to keep animals inside a closed carrier when driving a moving vehicle.

Taking It to Heart

A California Traffic School has seen all types of accidents and common driver pitfalls, and we understand that it gets rather difficult to moderate human behavior. The best an online traffic school can do is to educate and impart lessons that will really stick with people rather than leave them open and vulnerable to common everyday driving scenarios. The argument about whether or not to make laws for pets on the road is one that we have a stake in, as we want people to stay safe out there by any means necessary. If you think you could use more tips or instruction about how to keep yourself safe (either with your pet or without), then consider taking a class to make you more confident.

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 Get to know about all the important aspects of getting a service dog!!

Certain life situation, like dramatic car accident, any sort of serving in the military, violent attack can change the total state of your life. This is where a service dog is useful as it can help to recover from these life situations and bring the happiness and enthusiasm back into your life.

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If you are also one of the sufferers of such life extremities, you can get a service dog, which will solve all these problems, and get you recover easily from these life states, emotional and mentally.

Why choose a service animal?

A person suffering from any sort of emotional or mental trauma, should get a service animal because these animals ensure to deliver  a therapeutic advantage to the person, and will help you in calming down the nerves when facing any situational trauma.

There are various types of service animals, including dogs. Often referred as an emotional support animal, a service dog is an animal which provides a large number of therapeutic benefits to the owner. Having a service dog, is always a good option for a person dealing with some sort of emotional or mental trauma. A service animal helps in diminishing the symptoms of any sort of disability or trauma.

Registration process:

Once the person gets to know about the numerous advantages of a service dog, he obviously wants to keep one himself. Various people get their dog registered so that it can get the certification of a service dog. But before doing so, he needs to know about the entire process for applying for registering a service dog.

Any animal satisfying the ADA definition of a service dog can become a service dog.  By getting a dog registered with any reputed registry service, a person can legitimate the animal’s training and can get a registered certificate which he can show it to their landlords or managers who might have a problem with the service dog.

The process of  us service dog registry is very simple and easy as all that is required to do is submit the photo of the service dog and pay a certain amount of registration fee. The moment your application is approved and the process is complete, the service animal get listed in the registry, where every other person will access to that particular registry.

After the completion of the entire process, the owner gets a particular ID card which comes with lifetime validity. After getting your dog name mentioned in the registry, you can easily legitimate the capabilities of your dog and choose a particular kit, which includes numerous authentication and identification certificates. These certificates are valid in 50 different states of U.S.

People wants to get their dogs registered and attained a valid certificate because of the problems created by their landlords, mangers and more which prohibit the keeping of any animal in the surroundings. Hence, by getting their dog registered, by the U.S. government under the act of emotional support animal, people can get rid of such problems.

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