8 Benefits of Artificial Insemination for Dogs

Every dog breeder faces problems when mating from time to time for several reasons. Till now, several studies have been and conclude that artificial insemination for dogs is an easy and safe way to breed. Today we are here to discuss some of the benefits of having and using artificial insemination kits for dogs.

AI kits for dogs

  1. Provides Protection: This could one of the biggest reasons why artificial insemination is gaining popularity for animal breeding. It is very safe and also prevents the dogs from any infection caused tying with a bitch.
  2. Prevent Behavioral Problems: Various behavioral problems can be seen and experienced when breeding dogs. Sometimes, female dogs can get aggressive, and won’t permit breeding. Whereas, an over excited malemay build up an erection before the time of penetration and be too excited for the female to permit mounting.This can be because one or both of the dogs are not mature enough to have figured the mating process out, or it can be due to inappropriate scheduling of the mating process. These problems and many more can be overcome with the artificial insemination process and protects the dogs from getting injured.
  3. Can Cover Two Bitches At A Time: Normally what we see is that when we offered two bitches in estrus, a male dog will go for one and devote all his energy to his preferred female and simply ignored the other. This will not happen when using the artificial insemination kits for dogs. Here, both the bitches can be inseminated at a same time with the help of just one ejaculation. However, the quality of semen determines if this is a viable option or not.
  4. Prevent Physical Problems: Artificial Insemination is also a perfect solution when any kind of weakness of injury is present in the stud dog. A dog with an injury such as an open wound you don’t want bothered or a missing limb may face problemstying with a bitch. In that very situation, artificial insemination kits for dogs can be very useful and effectively utilized for reproduction.
  5. Overcome Geographic Obstacles: Dogs are a territorial animal, and there sexual behavior andconfidence will remain high when they are on their home turf. Because of this you’ll want to try to mimic the natural mating process and avoid the sabotaging the male dog’s sexual behavior. Thus, it is recommended to have the female dog at the residence of the male dog when breeding time comes. As you already know, life sometimes just won’t let this happen for one reason or another. Therefore,without having to take the bitch to the male, the semen of the male dog can be taken and shipped to her. In short, with the help of artificial insemination the geographical obstacles can also be a thing of the past, giving you access to the top stud worldwide!
  6. Overcoming The Time Constraint: The semen of a fresh dog can last for up to six days inside a bitch. So, if/when other commitments fail and prevent natural mating at the favorable time, an early artificial inseminationcan be successfully done to cover those 3-4 days of fertility.
  7. Allow Evaluation Of Semen Prior Breeding: Prior to breeding, observing the semenunder a microscope will help you to discover any problems before fertility becomes a matters of concern.
  8. Helps in Enhancing theDog’s Confidence: Rather than over tiring the unexperienced dog with multipleunsuccessful attempts at natural tie during the breeding process, one can skillfully managed the whole process with a single AI. This will also help the dog build up his confidence level and mentally prepare him as a natural breeder.

Thus, these are the 8 benefits of using artificial insemination techniques and supplies for your dogs. If you are looking to take full advantage of these benefits, then it is essential to have the best AI kits for dogs. Today there are many service providers over the internet who claims to provide the quality kit but only few of them do. One of them is AIKitsForDogs.com. They are offering quality kits at an affordable price without compromising the quality. In each kit they provide 1 insemination tube, 1 collection cone, 1 sterile syringe, 1 sterile lube packet, a pair of powder free latex gloves, and aset of instructions that will give you the step by step directions for a successful AI. Even if you have absolutely no knowledge about the process, their instruction kit will give you the details you need to start and the proper usage of disposable A.I. materials.


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